The name of this organization shall be the Substance Abuse Coalition of Kanabec County (SACK).

Mission Statement

Vision – The Substance Abuse Coalition of Kanabec County envisions a community of people who embrace and enjoy life fully, and who reject the cultural pressure to abuse alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Mission – The mission of the Substance Abuse Coalition of Kanabec County is to promote healthy choices in the community through prevention and collaborative partnerships for the reduction of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse among youth and residents.

Thematic Statement – Better Choices | Better Life


Membership shall be open to any organization, business, agency, or individual that supports SACK’s vision and mission. SACK will be comprised of an elected SACK Chair, elected SACK Co-Chair, secretary/treasurer, active members and advocates. SACK strives to include representation from the following fourteen (14) community sectors:

  1. Youth and young adults
  2. Parents
  3. Business community
  4. Media
  5. School
  6. Youth serving-organizations
  7. Law enforcement
  8. Faith community
  9. Civic and volunteer groups
  10. Healthcare professionals
  11. State, local, tribal government
  12. Other organizations involved in reducing ATOD abuse
  13. Justice and corrections
  14. High risk subpopulations

Active members are expected to attend monthly meetings, sign a Coalition Involvement Agreement (CIA) and Release and assist SACK in achieving its goals. Individuals who support SACK but are unable to regularly attend monthly meetings will be considered advocates. 


SACK will meet monthly for training and to share information, strategize and plan for action. Sub-committee meetings will be held as needed to support the coalition in achieving its goals.

Written notice of each monthly SACK meeting shall be sent electronically to each member at least one (1) day in advance of each meeting.

Meetings will be led by the Chair, Co-Chair, and/or SACK coordinator(s). 


The responsibilities of the officers of the coalition shall be as defined below:


  1. Shall serve a one (1) year term.
  2. Shall meet with SACK coordinators one week prior to each monthly SACK meeting to review and provide feedback on draft meeting agendas and action plans for the upcoming month.
  3. Shall lead monthly SACK meetings with the assistance of the SACK coordinators.


  1. Shall serve a one (1) year term and assume SACK Chair position after one year of service.
  2. Shall meet with SACK coordinators one week prior to each monthly SACK meeting to review and provide feedback on draft meeting agendas and action plans for the upcoming month.
  3. Shall serve as SACK Chair in the event that the chair is absent or unable to serve.


The role of Secretary/Treasurer is the responsibility of the fiscal agent, Kanabec County Community Health.  Therefore, Kanabec County Community Health will perform the duties listed below. 

  1. Record minutes for monthly SACK meetings.
  2. Provide quarterly treasurer report.
  3. Monitor and control budget.


  1. Upon the completion of one year of service, the Chair will resign from his/her duties. The coalition will approve the Chair’s resignation and the Co-Chair will be accepted as successor Chair for a period of one year. Annual elections will be held to fill the vacant Co-Chair seat. Special elections will be held if the Chair or Co-Chair resign or are removed from their duties prior to completing their one year of service. Upon being elected, the Chair and Co-Chair assume the responsibilities as outlined above. All active members of SACK, as defined in Article 3, will be eligible to nominate and vote for officer positions. Elections will not be held for the Secretary/Treasurer position.


Decisions will be made by a majority vote of the active members of the coalition. Voting will occur either at a monthly SACK meeting or by electronic survey.

Amendments of Bylaws

Bylaws may be amended. Amendments must be approved by a vote as outlined in Article 6. Amendments are to be submitted in writing to all coalition members at least fourteen (14) days prior to voting.

Order of the Meetings

SACK is recognized as a committee and not a board, therefore, parliamentary procedures such as Roberts Rules will not be necessary to conduct official business.

Definition:  Board—a group of persons having managerial, supervisory, investigatory, or advisory powers
Definition:  Committee—a body of persons delegated to consider, investigate, take action on, or report on some matter. 
Source:  Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition

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