Top 10 Rules for raising Healthy Teens on Technology

…by Auntie Jessica (

10. Get your own account on any medium they are using (Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, etc.). Following each other is not negotiable. Do not over comment on your son or daughter’s post. Watch from a far and intervene when necessary. 

9. Establish technology free zones or time in your home. This includes mom and dad!

8. Balance! Encourage participating in other activities such reading, drawing, sports or other activities that do not involve technology. 

7. Give children a phone that is one generation older than  your phone so you are familiar with the functionality and can stay on top of new apps. 

6. Reset home WiFi passwords daily and provide the daily password after other responsibilities such as chores and school work are complete. 

5. Parents get passwords to all devices! This is non-negotiable. 

4. Model healthy technology use! They are paying attention to you and your actions. 

3. Engage! Ask your kids to show you how certain apps work. Explore apps together to promote conversations on what is appropriate and what is not. 

2. Remove the distraction! Keep devices in a safe space while your son or daughter are studying or engaging in other important activities. 

1. Safety! Remember the safety of your children trumps their privacy! If searching their devices and social media account prevents them from experiencing harm – it’s worth it!

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